Essential Lists links to videos for testing

Essential Lists on youtube being spoken - these are QR codes - scan the QR code so your child can self test

Print the sheet and direct your child to scan the code of the list you want them to practice with a QR Code reader


Word Games


Lots of links to word games online


Essential Spelling Lists

A list of the essential words that we all need to know how to spell, including the most commonly misspelled words as well



Essential Spelling lists blank - for testing

Essential Spelling lists blank - for testing


Spelling and Vocabulary

for vocabulary lists and games using word patterns


IXL - year grouped activities

Activities here are organised in Year groups so activities can easily be selected to challenge the user.

They are organised in curriculum groups so material can easily be found

Study Ladder

A Literacy and Mathematics support site


Includes many tried and tested activities that are leveled for children


Worksheet Maker

Worksheet maker for Maths and English as well as Georgraphy and some puzzles too


Laughable Language

Activities covering a wide range of language aspects including reading, grammar, story writing, spelling etc


A website with graded games covering literacy, mathematics and some computer skills



Kids Link

Kidslink is a fantastic resource for schools there are amazing benefits for tamariki and their whānau



Road Code

Click the image to download the PDF of the Road Code for School Crossings