Our Place


Which is full of fun
madness, zest and excitement
A place where pupils feel
safe and secure
Where programmes are based on
praise and positive reinforcement
Where they are encouraged to
Realise their potential
Where they are extended
and challenged

- this is that school

Children at the Greatest Little School in the Universe shall reach for the stars.

We are situated on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy in a small solar system of 9 planets on a tiny blue planet called Earth. Just hang a right at the Andromeda Galaxy. The school is situated in Earth's Southern Hemisphere, on a pacific island group called New Zealand.

Laingholm is an awesome school of three hundred and thirty (ish) marvellous pupils situated on a sun-kissed ridge over looking the City. It is within the region of Titirangi and Auckland's Scenic Drive in the Waitakere Ranges. So the school is situated in an ideal setting - high on a ridge, overlooking bush clad valleys and close to several beautiful beaches enclosed in the Manukau Harbour. Although the school is only 35-45 minutes from downtown Auckland City it still has a rural feel with a strong community involvement. The parents feel very proud of their high profile school and are very supportive of all school activities.

The pupils come from the seaside settlements of Laingholm, Parau, Cornwallis and Huia. Homes tend to be pocketed amongst the bush overlooking the harbour.

It is an exciting school to work in and is well known for its 'off the wall, 'out of the square', very creative learning atmosphere. The staff are a happy, crazy bunch, with a strong togetherness and team spirit. They really care about their job, they work hard and they also have a lot of fun.

They really love the pupils in our care, they work hard and they have lots and lots of FUN. We are also a school that still believes in giving children, parents, visitors, everyone HUGS and more HUGS.