Genius Hour

We trialled GENIUS hour last term in room 10.....every Friday we had an hour to work independently on a project that WE had chosen. Some of us worked together and some of us worked on our own. We decided on what we wanted to learn about and planned our research. We had to learn how to effectively search on the internet, use books and keep a bibliography.

We presented our projects and learned a few more things in the process. Some of use did some PowerPoints and some made charts, some made models and some tried an internet based presentation.

Points  to remember for next time:

  • use contrasting colours - use dark letters on a light background or vice versa
  • check our spellings
  • give plenty of detail so that the viewer doesn't have questions while looking at our presentations
  • don't use too many animations in our PowerPoints
  • plan our time effectively
  • make sure everyone in the group is working on something
  • try learning a new skill
  • think of creative ways to present
  • use layout and colour to enhance charts
  • use clear BOLD titles

Our next projects will be amazing!



Ayla and Kent



Dominic and Josh



Jed and Joe B


Eiffel Tower

Ben and J J


Haunted Houses

Saxon and Adara



Joe, Oscar and Rosie


Stars and the Universe

Sim and Summer



Conor and Toby