Stories of a Jumbled nature

Room 16 have been writing creative stories based on a pictured called 'Jumbled' from

We have been learning to be creative and add interest and excitement for the reader




“Scary Night” by Mikayla Pesticcio

 It was a cold winters night, Bella was in her home, lying in her hard, sticky bed, as she looked to her right she got up and slowly walked over to the window as the floor creaked, she saw a dark see-through shadow zoom past in a lightning strike, she quickly tip-toed over…. BANG! “AHH that was lightning, Oh my gosh that scared me” anyway she tip toed right up to the window and reached for the handle, she held on, she got a dark vision of the woods with white shimmering mist floating in the air. Suddenly a pitch black shadow with bright red glowing eyes, ran towards Bella, SMASH! It hit her, she was breathing heavily “I can’t open it, I can, I can’t, I HAVE TO” screeched Bella as she heard her voice echo. She pulled the handle, took a deep breath in and out, it opened, a whistling breeze wrapped around her she got goose bumps and shivered. An eagle flew past and dropped a big bag of candy on her window sill, it frightened her, she was confused, “well that doesn’t happen every day!” she said in wonder.

She grabbed the bag and ran out the old filthy window she jumped from house to house, she climbed up into her big hut she had made for sneaking out, she reached and pulled the curtain, it was bright like the sun and it was a beautiful tidy home it felt warm and cosy and  was Autumn themed, orange butterflies and Autumn leaves falling down on a lamp shade and a small brown wood textured table with a space calling out and Bella walked over to it and gently placed the candy bag on it. Bella thought to herself, “well its obviously bad luck, I mean, it-it came from a damaged Eagle and it looked like it had got beaten to give it to me, well let’s smell the candy and see if it smells horrible if not I’ll eat one and see, hopefully it doesn’t kill you!” Bella said, she sat on her comfy queen size bed with a peach jungle themed duvet and looked around she felt safe and that no one can come in and hurt her, she laid down and looked at the roof and thought A LOT of thoughts, suddenly she felt someone poke her, she woke up and realised it was a dream!



Rainbow Ice-cream by Dan Percy


Jake surveyed the possibilities giant filthy dwarfs jumbling up the town highly unlikely but possible, a zombie outbreak but how would they move the houses and if that had happened he would have heard about it, it might have  been Unicorns  nah he thought or maybe a UFO he didn’t think so he decided to look inside.

His mum lay on the floor he took a closer,  she was breathing but looking at her eyes it looked like she was in some kind of rainbow coma, suddenly a thought buzzed into his head.. oh no that was a fly but a thought was in his head and he was sure it was right it wasn’t Unicorns it was rainbow Unicorns Dunn Dunn DUNNN! 

He suddenly remembered the trail of rainbow ice cream, and where there was rainbow ice cream there was sure to be a rainbow unicorn with rainbow diarrhoea. He grabbed a few things, his raincoat, his monster hunter kit and his cool dude monster hunter sunglass and put them in his monster hunters backpack [he was the monster hunters biggest fan]. As he walked off into the sunset he waved back towards his town even though no one was awake or out of the coma as he slipped behind a giant rough boulder following the trail of rainbow ice cream he started to blubber softly at first but then getting louder soon he stopped because the trail had ended.

Meanwhile, in the Unicorns cave on top of a second boulder Fluffy, Jeff and Panda the rainbow unicorns were talking “you lead him right to us Fluffy said to Jeff “sorry I can’t help it” he said. “Humans can’t fly, but he has a monster kit complete with grappling hook!” “Wait the gear does not work in the rain” and with an electric blast of his Panda horn suddenly it started pouring with rain. Oh no thought Jake, he found refuge under an overhang in a boulder he started eating some rainbow ice cream he had picked up along the way he was sweating even though he was cold.

But as he ate some amazing flavours came over his taste buds , strawberry, orange, lemon, green, apple, blue berry and grape, yum as he ate he drifted into a deep sleep…when he awoke he had a sock in his mouth like a gag and he was being held hostage in the corner of the cave. Jeff sat next to Jake “sorry” he said “my you know what puts most people to sleep.” “Please help me!” Jake said but it came out as “furm mur a derm” what he didn’t know is in unicorn language that means ‘team forever’.  Jeff said, “ok let’s do this” as bits of saliva flung off his lips. As he said it Jeff took the gag/stinky sock out of Jake’s mouth Panda turned “stop them!” he yelled at Fluffy. Soon the cave became a battlefield of light and sound as sparks flashed out of the unicorns horns and the rain crashed down. A plan popped into Jakes head and a smug little smile spread across his face  jump into my arms he said “what the heck are you thinking?” said Jeff. “Just do it” said Jake. So Jeff did what he was told and jumped into Jake’s arms. “Fire!” A huge blob of rainbow  ice cream shot out of Jeff’s rear end and it shot into Pandas mouth, he immediately fell asleep. “Thanks dude, I always hated that guy” said Fluffy. “That’s okay” said Jake. Afterwards they flew back to Jakes town and shot two great blasts out of their horns, suddenly things were back to normal but everything was rainbow coloured. Jake flew down to his home hanging onto Jeff and hugged, his now awake, mum


Yeti or a Storm???


It was Friday the 3rd the middle of August and it was very chilly outside. I began to shiver as I curled up in the sheets of my bed. Outside the lamp posts where sealed with frost and ice. Dumb kids such as my friend Dom who was licking the poles and eventually got his tongue stuck…. Lemon!

We live in the North pole 6,000 miles from Santa, surrounded by mountains of freezing snow. Our village is called Berk and my names Mikey!... by the way.               4th of August


“Oops, that’s the bell, I better go, I don’t want to be late for class again, I’ll see you at lunch Josh, see you!” Spoke Mikey as he gripped his books firmly and hid his IPhone in his pocket.

“OOOH OOH I’M COMING TOOOOOO!” Yelled Dom across the school hallway rushing towards Mikey dropping the candy from his bag.

“Um, your dropping your candy… where did you get it from anyway?” questioned Mikey peering behind Dom catching Vinnie sneaking the candy into his pocket then sprinting away with a mouth full of explaining to do.

“Oh I saw a HUGE bag of candy next to Mrs Freckles desk and I heard it calling to me…  “Dom Come take 100 pieces of candy from this bag and then eat me!! PLEASEEEEE!!” Dom had saliva dripping from his tongue with a disgusting ugly smile on his face…. Mikey backed away and then ran to class.

                               After class 12:30

“WOOOOOOW THAT WAS AWESOME, what class did you have? I had Art with Mrs. Tegg and I drew a maggot! But then she told me off and I had to go to the principle to explain what ugliness I had drawn. I think I did pretty good on the maggot.” Screeched Dom picking his nose and showing me the ‘beautiful’ maggot he drew. As the day passed, as usual Dom got dumber and dumber... but that doesn’t matter.

                                Tuesday 14th August

Today was Mikey’s birthday, he had a lot of planning to do and today something rather strange was going to happen. Mikey woke up at 3:00 feeling rather strange and woozy, he went back to sleep shortly. Wait... but it didn’t stop 4:00 he woke up then 5:00 then 6:00, finally he woke up at 9:35. 

“Good morning Mikey did you have a good sleep? You do remember what day it is today... don’t you?” questioned Mikey’s Mother baking a cake not so secretly. Mikey just groaned and slipped into his chair with a piece of paper and started planning his party.

“Hmm” Thought Mum… “Who are you going to invite??” Said Mother  

“Hmm…. Josh, Vinnie, Connie, Ray and Mikey” replied Mikey planning out on his perfect birthday cake. Mother noticed that Mikey had not written Dom down, so Mum thought if it was a good idea to mention.

“Hey, Mikey you didn’t write Dom down” smiled Mother… Mikey paused and dropped his pencil… then stared at mother with disgust. Then he replied with…

“You think I’m inviting that brat? No way!!”

“Hey!! Don’t speak like that, anyway you have to go and fetch some birthday supplies don’t you? Here is some money now off you go…. OH and don’t forget to put 5 layers of t-shirts and pants.” Said Mother preparing the icing for the not so secret cake.

“Ok Mother I’ll go I’ll see you in 20 minutes… Bye!” replied Mikey walking out the door. Mikey stomped through the cold breeze and fell over 5 or 6 times... the walk wasn’t long only about 10 minutes but it was a very cold road. Mikey marched up a steep hill and in the distance, stranded in the middle of nowhere he saw a tiny dot. He thought ‘Hey there it is the shop!’ He started running. Finally, he stepped into the shop and yelled out

“Hey, I’ve come here to buy some stuff... are you still open??” yelled Mikey wiping the snow off his clothes. No-one replied so he tried again…. Still no reply, no one was there so he checked    behind the counter…. No one. Suddenly he spotted a door so he went in and there in front of him…. The shop keeper…. But he was not alive he was hardly breathing... he spoke very softly...

“Little boy…. there is something out there…. something the world has never seen…. Beware because your village is next in line.” Mikey was shocked, and what happened to the shop keeper? Maybe shock! could this be true?  Suddenly he heard a big WHOOSH and a crowd of women and men screaming out in pain and suffering, Mikey looked back at his village… it was true his village was next and also burning. Mikey had no time to grab any birthday items and not much time to save his family. He sprinted down the hills and tumbled in the snow, but by the time he had reached the entrance of the village… his village had been burnt……. He gasped in horror and fell to the ground hitting his head on a piece of metal…

                                     Monday 23rd September

“Ow my head, I feel so sick what happened to me? Did I fall? Where am I? “Questioned Mikey rubbing his head and seeing red, yellow and blue, his vision wasn’t very good. He sat up leaning against what looked like the wall of the shop…. The shop? He thought curiously but didn’t I fall in the village?’ His memories where poor and he was very weak, hardly moving. He worried for a minute of two... but then smiled he thought…’ what if someone was alive? What if someone had saved him from death? What if it was my mother?’. Mikey’s mind flooded with questions. After a while he managed to gain his energy and stand up. He slowly drifted to the window of the shop, he saw the smoke coming from his home. Tears fell from his face like a waterfall. He turned away from the window and sobbed in a corner. Suddenly in the corner of his eye, he spotted a bright neon blue fire like flame coming from all of the left over houses, he rushed towards the window and caught a rather strange creature. It almost looked like a mutated Ram. Mikey stepped outside of the shop and ran down the hill... he stopped realising the mistake he had made. The creature caught Mikey moving and starting walking towards the tiny human. Stomp went the ginormous feet. Mikey panicked and tried to hide himself in the snow. The creature began to open his mouth and speak in a very deep voice…

 “I am not going to hurt you, I am simply remaking you ‘home’, you see I’m improving it.” Spoke the wise monster. The monster had cooled the village down with water from the mountains and then crammed all of the houses into a pile.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! ALL YOU HAVE DONE IS BROUGHT DEATH TO MY HOME!!” Shouted Mikey crying his eyeballs out.

“Tell me, how stupid are you little beasts, do you not know the job of a Wilder beast?” Replied the creature

“No! I don’t and to me I think I’m pretty smart for my kind thank you very much!” Stomped Mikey

“Well aren’t you a brave fella. Come, let me show you what I am doing to your fabulous ‘home’ “Laughed the creature amazed by the braveness of a human.

The creature picked Mikey up gently and plonked him on his shoulder. Days went by as the creature and Mikey built Berk. Mikey had almost forgotten his one big question and became angry at the monster. He yelled...

“Hey! What about my family and friends! What happened to them ay? you monster!”

“Ah I almost forgot to mention and I’m a Wilder beast, not a monster! I have safely moved them to another village underground.” Replied The Wilder beast

Mikey smiled “Ah ok, that’s good to know that their ok.”

                                       12th November

The days zoomed past as they built the new improved Berk. Mikey grew to admire the Wilder beast and was asking questions all day every day, after a while they became good friends and started acting like brothers. Making funny jokes about each other and teasing their ideas for Berk, not in a rude way but in a fun playful way. Finally, after months and days of work, it was complete the new Berk was done. Mikey was relieved to see such beauty and such success.

  “There’s just one more thing to do...” Sobbed the Wilder beast

“What?” Replied Mikey excitedly

“……. We …… we……. we have to …….: sigh: we have to destroy the buildings.” Sighed the Wilder Beast

The Wilder beast spun his arm around Berk as a yellow storm of yellow fairy dust hovered above Berk. Mikey ran onto a roof and stuck his chin up with braveness in his eyes.

“I shall not let you destroy our creations!” Yelled Mikey

“It’s for a reason! I’m not actually going to destroy the buildings, just please trust me… please… I promise!” The Wilder Beast looked promising so Mikey trusted him and ran to his side. The Wilder Beast clicked his fingers and changed the whole of Berk into a shaggy old piece of dirt. Seconds later the Wilder Beast clicked his fingers and changed all of the horrible mess into a new work wonderland filled with all of his friends, and family. Mikey gasped with excitement and glory, he spotted his Mother.

“Mikey!!” Screamed his Mother relieved

“MOTHER!!!” Mikey ran to his Mother and hugged her tightly. He turned around to thank the Wilder Beast... but he wasn’t there, the Wilder beast had seemed to disappeared only leaving a jar of hair suddenly Mikey felt sick and fell to the ground.

“Huh? Where am I?”

“Mikey, wake up! Its 12:00 time to get ready for school!” Whispered a familiar voice. It was his Mother.

“Huh?” Mikey got up and looked around…. It was just a dream…. Mikey was shocked… it seemed so real? Oh well! I mean at least it was a nice dream… Or was it a dream??


                       Written by: Svetlana