Enviro Council


On Friday 22 March Room 13 and the Enviro Council went to Cornwallis to do a beach clean-up. There were 3 other schools helping: Royal Road, Henderson Valley and Green Bay. We were put into mixed groups so we could get to know other people from the other schools. Many of their kids were on the Enviro Councils in their schools.

We picked up a huge amount of rubbish. Some of the things we collected were:
plastic knife and fork
lots of cigarette butts
a tyre
a school bag
bottle caps
an oven
a bath
and metal.

We were so surprised at how much rubbish we collected .It filled 8 big bags!

We did the clean-up with a group called Sustainable Coastlines who clean the beaches around New Zealand to help the marine life stay alive.

Some parents of the students in Room 13 helped as well. We went around and along the beach and the car park and picked up all the rubbish that we could find. All of the schools had a shared lunch when we had completed the clean up.

After that we had a group photo of everyone before we returned to school.

It was an awesome morning.

By Keira and Millie Room 13