Netball Prize Giving

Laingholm Magic Netball.

Te Pai place, a cold, windy but kind of wondrous space.
Driving round round and round alas not one  carpark to be found.
Laughter echos through the air. 10000 netball players without a care.
Coach for the 1st time I was - of the with the most awesome Laingholm Magic team of course.
The players, The team what can I say well let me indulge for a minute and describe to you their play....
Scarlet my gosh what a star - very tall and athletic - no doubt she'll go far.
Ruby was amazing always giving her all  -determinedly hunting for that intercept ball.
Eloise, Eloise a super fast  energiser Bunny. If that girl were egg yolk by gosh she'd be runny.
Innaya never stop dodging - from end to end.
Quick on the intercept - Super hard to defend.

Keira was amazing she's our very own Maria Tutaia, shooting for goal -that girl was on fire.
And Jess what can I say about Jess  well - she always played hard and was quite simply the best.
Sophie loved netball. Played all the positions. Her determination and spirit put fear through the opposition.

Ivy oh Ivy. It's  hard being coach's daughter. The Silver Ferns should look you up.....
and in a few years they oughta.
And a big thank you to Tammy and Bree who did a most excellent job of managing the whole team and me.  

Our first year is over and done.

How did we do? Well. Win some. Lose some
And finally, I don't wish  to sound like a preacher but my goodness ....after that - Hats off to you teachers.

by Seamus

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