Fractions Song


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The top number is the numerator

The bottom number is the denominator

Fractions are equal parts of a whole

That’s fractions, yeah fractions

Fractions that are equal can be written differently

This is called fraction equivalency

The smaller the denom.

The bigger the fraction

 It’s easy, yeah easy!

Fractions! Fractions! Fractions! Fractions!

We all know about our fractions


Fractions over 100 are just percentages

Vinculum is… the name of the line

Vinculum/ Vinculum/ Vinculum/ Vinculum.


Simplifying fractions is quite easy to learn

Divide the numbers down as far as you can

To do this operation u need a common factor

Yeah factors, simplify fractions

Improper fractions are hard to understand

Coz the numerator is too big for its friend

Use your division to find a mixed fraction

Yeah fractions, mixed fractions

Fractions, fractions, fractions, fractions

We all know about mixed fractions

Mixed fractions are whole numbers with a friend

The friend is a fraction of the part that’s left over

Fractions, fractions, fractions, fractions