Juniors Floating & Sinking

During the first term here at ‘The Greatest Little School in the Universe’ the students have been learning about floating and sinking. The Junior Syndicate students finished the term with a special activity day. Using their understanding of what floats and what sinks the students built model rafts. The goal was to keep LEGO models of Mr Cox afloat as long as possible while weights, in the form of large nails, were added to the rafts. Below are a number of recounts of the day written by some of the Year 2&3 students.


We made a raft, we all had the same things. It was cool making as a team. I liked it. It was very funny. We had Mr Cox tipped over and over. I say best day of my life it was, as funny as can be. “It’s cool,” says Conor my best friend from the other side.
By Isaiah N


On Wednesday Room 6, 7, 8 and 4 went to the hall to make rafts. We all got a box of the same stuff. We all have to make rafts it was easy when we finished we had lunch. Then we went to the schools pool. Mr Cox and Mr Weatherill went in the boys changing room, it was a noisy as a racing car. They finally finished their raft. They first said that Room 6 could put their raft in the pool. Then Room 7, then everyone else. Rosalie got on Mr Weatherill and Mr Cox’s raft. Mr Cox is so funny.
By Liam H


Yesterday we went to the school pool, we had a raft competition. It was fun and we got to make our own raft it was very interesting and hard to do. I clipped the wooden sticks together to make the sides. We put a plastic lid on the bottom for the ground. Then we went to the pool.

Mr Cox and Mr Weatherill put very heavy nails in the rafts. Ours was the first to sink because people kept touching it, so it sank. Lily, Harry and Luc D were the winners. I was happy Rosalie got to stand on the raft that Room 8 made and Mr Weatherill got to lie on it. Zac from Room 8 sat on Mr Weatherill, he was squashed. When Mr Weatherill he screamed like a tiger.
By Rose S