Action world

The best school trip EVER!  

The bus ride to Action World was looong and boring. I had arrived early to school so I would not miss anything. But then again, who didn’t? The teachers had called the roll and then sent us straight to room 10, wishing us good luck as we went.

Room 10, despite being the smallest class in the school, (it had been a storage room the previous year) still seemed to hold almost all of the year 5’s with plenty of space to spare.   

There, Miss Cheeseman called the roll and explained the basic rules. Then, we all piled onto the bus and we were off!

Like I said before, the trip was long and boring. Finally, we made it! We scrambled off the bus. Then we met the instructors, who told us the plan of the day and went over the rules. (Nothing new there) then they gave us our first activity, going around 4 of the activities, the crazy ladder (where you have to climb up a very rickety bridge that swings you upside-down with the slightest touch), the jump-in-slide (my absolute favourite, you could off a ledge into an airbag or slide in a sack down a very steep hill),  the jungle swings (swinging on bars that swung you high off the ground above an airbag) and the climbing wall (no explanation necessary). Then we came back to the tables for a quick drink and then it was free time around all of the activities for about an hour. Then we came back for lunch. Then it was time to do the trapeze. (same as the jungle swing except you swing back and forth twice two storeys above the airbag  before falling). All those who did not want to do the trapeze (like me) got free time. After that we came back for competition time, where we got into groups and did the 4 activities we tried before. Then we piled back onto the bus and headed back. On the bus we got free popsicles. (WHO-HOO!)

By Luke Woolley

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