Stu Duval

Stu Duval came to Laingholm for two days. He told us a story and it blew our minds. Stu Duval told us that he learnt to draw with any number or letter. Stu did a drawing of a secret person and it was Mr Ahern.
Some people went to learn how to make really good story's and these were his tips!!!
 great writers are like a MAGPIE. magpie stands for make anything into great prose imagination and effort.
get an ideas scrapbook.
use randomness.
a.r.m stands for A. action R. reaction M. more action.
Start with conversation.
Use the big 5 what, where, who, when and why.
Write like a roller-coaster ride. Use DYNAMITE words. And those are the 8 tips to write a really good book!
 Heres some coments from room 16:
 “It was really amazing”.
 “I really liked it”.
“It blew my mind”.
 “It was outstanding I liked his story's”.
 “It was more than interesting”.
 “He was awesome and I think he's my favourite illustrator”.
 “ He was cool because he had a cool haircut “.
 This is a little bit about the story that Stu Duval told us. Red needed to find the boat to New Zealand. So when he was busy tiling the roof of the governors house. He gasped because he saw the most horrible thing, Scree the headmaster of the jail. He had scrunch up hands and an evil face.

This is his website:

 by Lauren and Indy
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