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Speech on behalf of the Senior Teams Teachers - read by Miss Bowater


Good evening ladies, gentlemen and of course our year 6 students. It is my pleasure to address you all on behalf of the teachers of these wonderful graduates.


Well, Year 6’s – I have said it before, and I’ll say it again – you have been one of the BEST groups of kids that I have had the privilege to work with in the senior school at Laingholm. Guys, how many times do you reckon you’ve heard that from your teachers this year? (heaps!). That’s right, because it is the truth! As a group we have found you to be well behaved, responsive and responsible, hard-working, kind, giving of your time, respectful – in fact, all round great ambassadors for our school.


Parents, you should feel suitably proud that each of your child’s teachers feel this way about your children. Each year we set the kids up with our expectations of them as leaders of the school. We expect them to participate in the wider school life. We challenge and encourage them to get involved in new and diverse activities. We demand role model behaviours of them. This year, we have been impressed with the efforts made to achieve or exceed these expectations. This group of children have been the role models that we expect them to be, and your teachers could not be prouder.


One of the best parts of this job is watching these things happen, usually as a result of a concerted effort on the part of the individual child. Each child here tonight has demonstrated growth in more than one area, both personal and academic. Some have demonstrated profound growth, enough to help shape them for a clearly brighter future.


Thinking towards the future now… I have asked the Year 6 teachers to look into a crystal ball and predict what vocational pathways they can see in your futures Year 6’s - see if you can see yourself in their responses. They said they can see some leaders, maybe a prime minister or 2, famous sportsmen and women, several authors, some designers, IT specialists, artists, TV presenters, singers and musicians, photographers, film producers, a marine biologist, inventors, scientists, lawyers, surgeons, some YouTubers, builders, and apparently a wine taster and a chocolate tester. And parents that list was culled for the sake of time!


As well, many of you will go on into trades or professions which have not even been thought of yet, possibly ones you design or create yourselves. Some of you may already know the direction you want to take with your life. Most of you probably don’t yet, and that’s ok. Either way Year 6’s, remember to keep your options open as you move onto higher education.  Do your best and keep a positive attitude so that all doors remain open to you.  Set yourself goals and set them high – you are all capable of being whatever you want to be in life. We know this because we know the quality of the young people that you are and how far you have come already in one short year. We all have faith in you and you must also have faith and stay true to your own values and who you are. We want you to remember though, that we each reach our potential at different times. Remember how I just said that some of you have demonstrated extreme growth? Well for some of you that time is still coming and you may have to wait a longer time until it does. But you must never give up because your time to shine will come.


Everything we do has an impact either positive or negative and we can do so much to ensure our own future stays positive. We want to ask you to please remember everything we’ve tried to teach you this year – not just the writing and math, but the other really important stuff like managing your emotions and honesty, understanding yourself, looking after others and all that other stuff.


Often as the end of their final year at primary school draws to a close, Year 6 children can lose focus, start making questionable choices. They may allow the excitement and change in routine that is inevitable at the close of a year to mar what was otherwise a solid year’s effort. 2016 has been special in that this cohort of Year 6’s have remained level-headed and appropriately behaved in the last few weeks of this term, and kids, for that we commend you! And we thank you. In fact, your teachers and I want to thank you for an all-round awesome year – I meant what I said earlier – this year has been thoroughly enjoyable and that is due to you kids, and who you are. You are a credit to your parents, and all the staff at Laingholm are proud to have kids like you moving on into the world, as representative graduates of Laingholm School.


So Year 6’s, we want to leave you with a piece of music that we feel perfectly sums up the great attitudes you have to life – if you live this attitude you will all be just fine!


(Play R Kelly – ‘I Believe I can Fly’)


Ladies and Gentlemen, the graduating classes of 2016!




Speech by Anna Lewandowski R16


My name is Anna and I’ve been at Langholm primary for 6 years.

When I first started school I expected an hour of playtime but instead of that I had to learn new things like reading, writing, math and poetry. It made me feel excited and anxious all at the same time. I thought I wouldn’t fit in but guess what I fitted in by using the friendship seat and getting some friends.

My first teacher was Mrs Drake. She helped me learn where everything was in the school and what the bells meant.

Mrs GJ was my second teacher and she taught me how to say words like ‘Aa is for apple a, a, a.’ I also learnt how to paint pictures better. I also spent a lot of time on the thinking chair.

Mrs Morgan helped me learn handwriting and math. She helped me learn that hands were for helping not hurting.

I enjoyed Mr Cox’s class because of the science we did, but the hard thing about his class was the maths.

Finally Miss Cheeseman helped me learn about technology and helped me become a better writer by encouraging me to come up with magical stories. Mrs Tegg was a great art teacher.

The highlight of my journey through school was our camping trip this year to Carey Park. I learnt from this trip, that anything is possible if you give it a try. This lesson will help me now that I’m going to intermediate school.

I would like to thank all the teachers for making this a fun, happy school to be in. I’d also like to thank Alison and Kristy for always being there with plasters when I needed them.

I have been really lucky to have been a part of this school, the greatest little school in the Universe.

Thank you



Speech by Ariella R9


Graduation Speech

Hi, I'm Ariella Davidson from room nine. I've had a great year, even though problems can ruin things a little and I've had some ups and downs. I'm sure that the other year sixes and I are sad to leave, but leaving primary school is a huge milestone and it means we can go other places and do other things. I've been here for six years now, and that's all of primary school. I've seen Laingholm Primary change a lot while being here, and some of my very early memories are here at the school. I know I'm speaking for for all of the graduating seniors at the greatest little school in the universe when I say I'll miss it here. I'll also miss Miss Bowater, and all the other teachers that have taught me. I have learned so much because of you, including the word because, because if I didn't learn how to read and write, this speech would not exist. I've had so many opportunities here as well. I've participated in choir twice and done a few other things that I've really enjoyed. I also love writing and reading, because I hope to publish a book one day. So thank you to my friends, teachers and overall just Laingholm School. Some of the teachers I've had are Mr. D and Mrs. Morgan, and from both I've learned to write and also how to do basic math. So I am glad I've had them as teachers and I am very grateful. However this year I had Miss Bowater. I LOVE being in her class and learning interesting things like mindfulness, and even how to save up money and manage it with class dollars, which I think we learned some manners from! Me and my classmates have really enjoyed this year, and all other time they've spent here. I hope I'll have even more great years at intermediate school, and even high school a couple years later. But I'd say this is going to be my favorite school wherever I go.


Graduation Speech - Zach & Rosie R17



Hi. Our names are Zach and Rosie and this evening we are speaking on behalf of the amazing graduating students of Room 17.


It only seems like yesterday that we had our first day at Laingholm Primary School. I started in Mrs Hodder’s classroom. She was fun and nutty. I can say that because she is also one of my mother’s best friends. In my case it was Mrs Drake who made me feel secure at the greatest little school in the universe. It was my first experience of the dreaded gun staple as one went through my foot as it lay on the floor. If you look carefully you can still see the blood on the carpet.


After that Mr Evans took me under his wing. I loved maths in his class and he always made me feel special and important. I had Mr D who taught me that it was ok to stick the pencil pots to tables in order to stop them getting stolen. Then Mrs Hart had the pleasure of my company for the next 2 years. Science became one of my passions thanks to my time in her class. I then went onto Cheese’s class where I learnt the value of giving my opinion no matter how loud it may be.


For the last 3 years I have been in Mr Cox’s class. It was only meant to be 2 but at the end of last year Archie and I managed to scrape together $2 as a bribe to stay in room 17. The note says it all.



I joined Zach this year in Mr Cox’s class. I have loved the way our class has worked together. So many smiles in such a little room.


Over my time we have been encouraged to work hard, be kind to others, listen to advice and give everything our best effort. Sports, fun events, friends, camps and the Zach, the art of pulling off a good prank have all been things we will remember about our time here.


We like to say thank you to Mr Ahern for teaching us both how to play the ukulele and for standing with us through winter on the crossings.


Thanks to Mr Cox for providing us with lots of chances to take part in lots of sport.


Thanks to Kristy and Alison for using up your budget of plasters and ice packs on me. I would never have survived the staple in the foot, the gate in the head, of half the concrete off the playground in my leg without you.


We’d also like to thank our awesome parents and all the parents of Laingholm School. We have the best kids at our school because we also have the best parents. Mums and Dads, you are amazing.


Thanks to Mr Weatherill for presenting me with the principals cup last year. I was so happy and it gave me so much more confidence. Confidence that has held me in good stead.


In a way Mr Weatherill I’m not very happy with you. When you bought out earlier this year the question about Laingholm being an Intermediate I thought I was getting the chance to stay here forever. I’d even started saving up my next $2. Unfortunately, this has not happened. Tut Tut.


We will miss this school but we know that where ever we go we will be great because of the things we have learned at the greatest little school in the universe.


Thank you




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