Arbor day 2014

Laingholm gives back with Arbor Day planting


On Wednesday the 30 of July room 13 and room 9 year sixes went to Whatipu Beach which is one of the only scientific reserves on NZ mainland. Whatipu is one of the areas in Waitakere Regional Park. We went there to give back to nature and plant some native plants that seeds were eco-sourced from the local area.

 Duncan, Sam, Simon and Dan the local Rangers showed us how to properly plant the native plants. We planted a variety of species including Tea tree, Pohutakawa, Flax and Caprosma. Which were supplied by the Rangers.

 Because we were exceptionally speedy planters the Rangers had to go and get extra plants for us to plant, after finishing that lot as well we were dirty, hungry and ready for sausages.

Grabbing a piece of bread we greedily got as many sausages as we could.  After that we grabbed a burning hot paper cup full of Milo that we downed in a couple seconds. Over all it was a great experience and a amazing day. P.S: a special thank you Rangers and helpers John, Bill, Carla, Kelly, Ginny, Kerry, Mrs Walsh, And Caroline, Joanne, Bruno, and Bruce.


By Madi, Scarlie, And Thea

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