Year 6 Camp

The Year 6's went to Kokako Lodge .

Here are some of the photos of the students in action!

There are some OTHER high res pics here too - you can download

From Tuesday 19th of November to Friday 22nd of November, the year 6 students from Laingholm Primary School went on a camp at Kokako Lodge. There were lots of parents that generously helped with the camp. There were 5 challenging activities that each group of children got to take part in, including archery, abseiling, low ropes, kayaking, and orienteering. Each child could also choose one activity that they particularly enjoyed to do a second time. There were 5 groups/teams who were all competing for the prize at the end of camp for the group/team with the most points. Every student thoroughly enjoyed the camp and have challenged themselves by learning some new skills. The food was delicious and made for the students by an extraordinarily committed and generous cook called Laureen Cooper. The camp was very challenging and enjoyable, and I am grateful for the amount of time and preparation that has gone into this camp. So, - on behalf of all the year 6 students – I thank everyone who has given up their time to help make this camp possible.


By Zippy