Raft Day

Last Friday - after much stress and angst caused by the weather - the Senior Syndicate took to the waters of Armour Bay on rafts constructed as part of their work on ‘floating and sinking’. It was a truly amazing, inspirational and completely engaging day. Look out for recounts of the day written by the students in the next issue of the ‘Roundabout’. Thanks to all the amazing parent helpers who made the day so memorable for the students. Thanks also to the incredible teachers in the Senior Syndicate many of whom stepped completely outside their ‘comfort zone’ to make this event a reality.


While it was an amazing day during which the students had a whole lot of fun, there was as they say, method to the madness. Here at Laingholm Primary we put considerable effort onto ensuring our students engage with their learning. The more authentic we as teachers can make the task, the better the students respond. In this case knowing that how well their raft would float - while they were sitting on it - provided the necessary motivation for the students to really come to grips with the concepts of floating and sinking. This motivation and engagement has also been evident in the recounts the students have written about the raft race and the floating & sinking activity day. Some students have made more progress in their writing in a term than we would normally expect in a year. Here at ‘The Greatest Little School in the Universe’ we believe learning and fun belong together.



Here is Finn's recount of the day, he is a year 4 student

On the 23rd of March 2012, I went on a very bumpy ride to armour Bay for the Senior raft Race!

When we got there we had to stay on the bus for a little while but it was o.k.. As we got off the bus, I saw the big Kellogg’s gazebo where I was going to put my bag. It was like I was getting ready to fly a spitfire. I was amazed at the size of the raft that we got – even better, it floated but almost sank when the first six people got on. The race was at Armour Bay.

Room 12 got a head start because they were the youngest class. But it was hard to paddle because they always filled up with water. As we turned the buoy, we were shot into second place which was at least better than last place. As I went back to the gazebo, I was so happy that I didn’t come last place. I was as happy as a clown doing its trick and everyone was clapping and laughing. I got dressed again then I had something to eat and it was an apple and a Little Ripper and a bun. Then the second race started...

By Finn Williams